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Oglethorpe is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as an institutional core value.

DEI Statement

At Oglethorpe University, we are committed to fostering inclusion and a sense of belonging for all members of our campus community. We work to craft educational opportunities that minimize inequities, dismantle barriers to participation and access, and continuously develop the essential skills to collaborate effectively across diverse perspectives.

We celebrate the distinctive qualities that shape our personal and cultural identities. We view the diversity of our students and employees as an invaluable asset and provide platforms for the community to champion issues that resonate with them. We strive to establish an environment where everyone within our campus community can show up as their authentic selves. As we cultivate connections, we work to advocate for each other’s needs and forge a united community that makes a positive global impact.

The DEI Task Force, which coordinates efforts in diversity strategic planning, campus climate, and community partnerships, represents faculty, staff and students from across campus.

We aim to foster a campus environment that:

  • Includes those who have been traditionally excluded
  • Promotes a culture that respects and values our diverse experiences and perspectives
  • Understands the role of inequalities in shaping our individual and collective identities and experiences

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